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Newcomer TopTen

Vote for your favourite songs from the list of newcomers.

Everyone has up to 3 votes.

Every Tuesday at 8 p.m., the result will be announced as to who has landed in 1st place.

Rules for the TopTen:
The 3 songs with the fewest votes are eliminated from the voting.
Instead, there will be 3 new introductions every week

If you have a band or make music on your own and would like to be represented in the Newcomer TopTen, then send us an email to with a song and a picture (whether of the band, your logo or the cover of the song), as well as a short info from you.

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below.

Furthermore, songs that land in the top 3 three times in a row will be dropped from the voting.
Each band may only be represented once in the voting.

Now you can listen to the songs as a playlist on Spotify.
Alternatively, you can click on the song in the voting and the link will take you to the corresponding YouTube video.

The voting always runs until the respective Monday at 22:00 hrs.

Newcomer TopTen

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