Newcomer Top50

The Newcomer TopTen/TopTwenty year is over.

Well, almost!

As in the year before, this year there is a vote on the performers who were presented at the Newcomer TopTen/TopTwenty last year (2023).

Last year we presented over 270performers.

These are now available for 5 weeks for voting for the NewcomerTop 50 2023.

Voting will run from 1.1.24 from 0:01 (CET) until 4.2.24 at 23:59 (CET).

Everyone can cast up to 25 votes.

On 17.2 from 18:00 (CET) there will be a five-hour special broadcast where the result of the vote will be presented to you.

Newcomer Top50 2022

Die Abstimmung ist beendet seit 5 months

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